ANPP energy block will give energy until September 2016

Republic of Armenia adopted the policy of joining the Customs Union, after which the need has risen to correspond legislative field of agro-industry sector to the Customs Union legislation. In today’s session the executive power lost his previous decision on that issue. In the Customs Union area there are meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, grain, fruit and vegetable juices technical safety regulations set in 2013, which must be localized after Armenia have joint the Customs Union. All types of food, including fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs and egg products, as well as beer hygiene and safety, labeling and contact materials requirements, permitted food additives, their marketing procedures and so on also must be localized.

Taking into consideration the fact that the period of operation of Armenian nuclear power plant approaches, the executive approved its elongation project until September, 2016. RA Finance Ministry was given an order until May 1, 2014, take measures towards the signing of the RA and the RF Governments’ loan means involvement intergovernmental agreement for the implementation of the project. At the same time the construction work of new nuclear energy block in Armenia will be activated.

RA Government