‘Armenian authorities did not have the courage to denounce referendum results’ (video)

The events in Ukraine may put an end to the diplomatic relations between Armenia and Ukraine, Chairman of the Yerevan Press Club Boris Navasardyan told a news conference today.

“If Armenia recognizes the Crimean referendum, it will face a serious challenge, therefore, the country’s authorities had better avoid expressing a clear position on the issue,” he said.  Mr Navasardyan says Armenian leadership could not denounce the referendum not to spoil their relations with Russia; anyway, they did not have the courage to reject the results of the Crimean referendum either.

Boris Navasardyan excludes that Crimea may be used as a precedent in the Karabakh issue as there is little similarity between the two referendums. Therefore, it will mean to discredit the idea of self-determination by viewing Crimea as a precedent.

Speaking of the recent attacks on the Armenian-populated town of Kessab in Syria, Mr Navasardyan said that it is the result of the Armenian authorities failing to protect Armenians over the years.