Alexander Arzumanyan: Russia is doomed to lose in the issue of Crimea (video)

Problems with Syria and the Crimea is not asymmetrical, says Armenia’s ex-foreign minister Alexander Arzumanyan.

“A civil war is being fought in Syria which has involved a number of regional countries while Crimea has been annexed by Russia,” he stressed.

“Russia is doomed to failure in the issue of Crimea,” Mr Arzumanyan said adding that the international community will not recognize the results of the Crimea referendum. “Russia has nothing to do here; it is only preventing the international community from making balanced decisions through negotiations.”

He believes that the US will continue to pressurize Russia in the issue of Crimea. This is what the American public and the political elite demand from their president.

In his turn, Armen Rustamyan, a senior representative of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation –Dashnaktsutyun, excludes the possibility of war between Russia and America over Crimea.