Which news are dominant in the postman’s bag (video)

Today the number of letters in “Haypost” departments raised. Whereas several years ago, as postmen say, there were few letters. Today every postman spreads about 50-100 letters in a day. “Today the letters are mainly official and not domestic. Mainly Court, tax inspection. Before there were love letters, there were many letters from the army and congratulation letters.”

66-years old postman Robert Philiposyan’s day starts on the same way for already 30 years. He is at the post at nine o’clock, he takes his black bag full of letters and walks around Amiryan, Mayisyan Streets and Mashtots Avenue.

Postman remembers that during soviet years our citizens got telegrams, but today their number has reduced, “Happy telegrams are few. They are mainly connected with burials,”- noted Mr. Philiposyan in the conversation with “A1+”.

There aren’t newspapers in the postman’s bag. The reason is the Internet and bad social conditions of the citizens. In any case, Robert Philiposyan doesn’t lose his hope. He is sure how much the technologies develop, the need for postmen will always remain, he is more reliable than the techniques, “The name of the postman can be changed, but the responsibilities will remain.”

In 21st century, with the presence of the Internet, for some of our citizens the postman is an expected visitor.