In UN draft resolution Crimean referendum is recognized invalid

Ukraine spread UN General Assembly draft resolution, where referendum in Crimea for joining Russia is recognized invalid.

The plot of the draft resolution is like UN resolution content blocked by Moscow earlier during this month.

According to the diplomats of the UN, among 193 members of organization in a new resolution spread by Ukraine, it is said that the referendum “can’t be base for Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol city status change.”

In case of being approved by UN General Assembly the resolution won’t have obligating power. But if Ukraine manages to gain majority of UN member countries support, this resolution can become a political sign that Russian position over Crimea doesn’t have wide support.

In a new resolution Russia isn’t mentioned but it is said that the Assembly “urges all the states, international organizations and specialized organizations not to adopt any change in Crimea and Sevastopol city status.”

It is expected that in UN General Assembly the voting on draft resolution recognizing the referendum in Crimea for joining Russia invalid will be held on Thursday and on the same day General Assembly will discuss the crisis in Ukraine.

We remind that during the voting on the eve of referendum in Crimea for joining Russia, UN Security Council wasn’t able to adopt a resolution, which called all the countries of the world not to adopt the results of Crimean referendum.

Russia voted against the draft resolution, whereas China abstained.

UN Security Council 13 other members voted for the adoption of resolution.

 Voice of America