Deputies left for Syria on Kessab issue: BHK hasn’t known

Shortly before, making his speech at the NA, Dashnaktsutyun party secretary Aghvan Vardanyan was happy for the fact that yesterday the NA formed a delegation- for leaving for Syria on Kessab issue.

At the same time, Vardanyan said that it was bad that the delegation is one party. The party secretary noted that the NA is fortunately not one party, and the delegation also had to be multiparty.

“We don’t have a problem, Dashnaktsutyun is also in Syria,”- said Aghvan Vardanyan adding that Dashnaktsutyun does everything possible in Syria to support Armenians there. “But this working style is not acceptable for us,”- added Vardanyan.

NA President Hovik Abrahamyan responded, that Heritage party secretary Tevan Poghosyan and independent deputy Armen Marukyan are also in the delegation. “So they are not only from HHK,”- summed up Hovik Abrahamyan.

But BHK party deputy Vahan Babayan also noted during his speech that they didn’t know about leaving for Kessab. Babayan doubted on the selection of delegation staff. “And that working style is wrong and unacceptable,”- said Vahan Babayan.

Turning to the evacuation of Kessab residents, OEK party secretary Mher Shahgeldyan noted, that it is of primary importance to unite the activities of the RA and pan-Armenian organizations, which can work with international institutions and media. Shahgeldyan thinks that international organizations must warn Turkey refrain from making such steps against Syria.

NA vice president Hermine Naghdalyan noted in her speech, that again Turkish authorities are to blame, that Armenian community is emigrating now. According to him, Turkey proves that its attitude towards Armenians hasn’t been changed during hundred years. Turkey carries out ethnic cleansings by the same methods, ahead of 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide.

Hermine Naghdalyan found it important that the international public must be very alert to the events in Kessab and pursue that the attacks against peaceful residents will be stopped.

HHK deputies Samvel Pharmanyan, Levon Martirosyan, Arman Sahakyan, Naira Karapetyan, Heritage party secretary Tevan Poghosyan and independent deputy Edmon Marukyan are in the delegation left for Kessab.