Strike near Prosecution Office (video)

Khudoyan family from Armavir region is on strike at the RA General Prosecution Office for already two days. Family father Ashot Khudoyan announced hunger strike. Khudoyan decided to go on strike, after he knew, that a criminal case wasn’t initiated against his sister Marietta Khalashyan on his message about faking grandfather’s will during the last investigation.

He demands that Serzh Sargsyan and General Prosecutor Gevorg Kostanyan personally restore his violated rights. Khudoyan notes that he will continue the strike until justice will be restored and the forgers will be punished for their actions.

According to him there isn’t law in Armenia, or else his issue will get response and the forgers will be arrested: “There isn’t law, what is it, it is mafia, say at once that there is no law and we will know how to protect our personality,”- noted Khudoyan.

It is the third hunger strike of Khudoyan, “I have tried once to do strike, the officials said that everything will be fine and I stopped the strike,”- he said.

Ashot Khudoyan notes that the prosecutor of his case Koryun Nersisyan, Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin Second’s cousin, didn’t want this case reach to the General Prosecution Office.

“It was clear, that Koryun Nersisyan was afraid, he didn’t want the case reach different places, he knows that this case is fake, by his words he looked through the case for 6 times, and doesn’t know how to close,”- he added.

Heghine Khudoyan said, “Our officials must be ashamed of this. Let them see that their future soldier grows up here.”

We remind that Ashot Khudoyan is complaining that his mother and sister have falsified his grandfather’s will together with the advocates of Armavir region and deprived his family of the house.