Artsakh Prime Minister visited Chartar

On March 24 Artsakh Republic Prime Minister Ara Harutyunyan visited Martuni region Chartar village to be present at two communities’ heads’ 2013 activities’ reports and for meeting the residents.

In Chartar communities the residents’ employment level and the system were represented. Besides the agriculture, the residents are busy in the companies of the village and state budget funded institutions. The traditional branches of agriculture are grape cultivation and wheat processing. There are one high, two nine-years and an art schools in the village.

Recently the construction of second kindergarten building has started. With the financial support of the Government and philanthropists inter-community roads are built, which will end in three years. With the support of village’s charitable foundation first aid station was founded, as well as a number of social and construction works have been done.

Stressing that necessary subsystems are present in Chartar, the head of the Government separated two main issues: first new workplaces must be created.

He informed that negotiations are on the process with the village philanthropists to rule their supports not only to the charitable, but also investment projects’ implementation. Second challenge, which concerns the whole republic, is rising salaries, on which important reforms must be done from July.

According to A. Harutyunyan, the salary rise in a state sector will influence private sector salaries, improving the living conditions of the residents. For the development of villages, the salaries of villagers are very important.

The Prime Minister visited recently opened Stepanakert carpet factory branch in Chartar in order to get acquainted with its works. He stressed the importance of that factory’s opening in village’s economic activeness provision.

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