“Armenia must have neutral position” (video)

Armenia must have neutral position in Crimean issue of self-determination: today announced politician Yervand Bozoyan.

According to him, it is important for Armenia how the West and Russia accept our position. The adoption of Crimean self-determination will be negatively accepted by the West. In case of Russia, the refusal of self-determination will have negative effect on future solution of Artsakh issue.

Turning to the events in Ukraine, in particular in Maidan, Yervand Bozoyan noted that both the authorities and the opposition are to blame for that situation.

According to Bozoyan, Armenia can do assumptions from all these and doesn’t make the problems of the country topic for discussion for other countries, what is more to expect support from those countries.

In case of deepening of West-Russia struggle over Crimea, it can be transferred to Transcaucasus, thinks the politician. In that case it will have its negative results on Artsakh issue solution. Yervand Bozoyan is sure, that in that case Kharabagh can become the center of geopolitical fights.

He doesn’t exclude that in that case Azerbaijan could also become active, which could have fatal results.