The door of ruined Culture house is opened from election to election

Ararat region Zorak community only entertainment center’s door is closed for more than 20 years. According to the residents, the door is opened only from election to election as a polling station. And during rest of the days Zorak residents spend their time out of the building reminding Culture house.

Zorak’s culture house is in terrible condition. The building’s floor and windows are destroyed and walls are ruining because of humidity. Especially the old people of the village note with sadness, that they don’t have culture house. They say that if there is a culture house, their monotonous routine will become more interesting.

76-years old resident of the village Babken Tovmasyan worries that Zorak has stopped living with cultural life. Babken doesn’t remember when he has gone to the theatre or concert for the last time. His wish is to have a culture house in the village. For that the residents of the village applied to the community head for several times but in vein, “We have gone for several times, but he doesn’t hear us, it is in vein,”- said Tovmasyan.

Zorak community head, HHK party member Manuk Maloyan says that he is also concerned about that issue, but little budget of the village doesn’t allow doing such big expenses. According to the head of community, he has applied to the Culture Ministry for several times but didn’t get hopeful answer, “I have applied from the Culture Minister to Sharoyan- to Hoveyan, also to Hasmik Poghosyan and there is no response.”

According to Maloyan he is going to apply to Ararat region new community head. According to him, a relevant note will be on the head’s table within several days.