New HPP won’t be built, but electricity price will rise: Pastinfo

New nuclear power plant construction works in Armenia are still delayed. Such draft resolution has been presented to the RA Government’s future- March 27 agenda.

We remind that ANPP’s second energy block was exploited in 1980 with 30-year period of operation. Taking into consideration the fact, that the energy block didn’t work during 1989-1995, the end of expiration period is set September 2016.

This last period of expiration ends after 2 years, and new energy block, which has been spoken over for several years, isn’t built.

It is a fact that considering Armenia’s energetic security, Metsamor nuclear power plant has no alternative. The authorities always announce that the operation of old nuclear power plant will be stopped only when a new one will be built.

In October 2008 message to the people and the NA, President Serzh Sargsyan announced, “In upcoming months Armenia is starting to build new nuclear power plant.”

And the officials of Armenian energetic sphere announced that new energy block will be exploited before stopping the operation of Metsamor nuclear power plant, that is until 2016.

A year ago Energy and Natural Resources Minister Armen Movsisyan noted another period announcing that new energy block will be ready in 2019.

Now it is clear from the draft introduced to the Government approval, that the construction of new energy block is delayed for a longer time. It is not mentioned in the draft. Only the elongation of old energy block operation period is mentioned, possibly for 15 years.

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