Children work instead of studying (video)

There are three underage boys in Yepiphanov family. Instead of studying the boys work so that the family in difficult social conditions can pay housing rent and survive.

Father of the family- Russian Valentin Yepiphanov, grew up in Meghry orphanage then he worked in Copper and Molybdenum Complex.

The family moved to Yerevan several years ago. They have applied to different departments for support, but in vein. NA 2013 law on providing temporary houses to orphanage children didn’t help them.

One of the boys is a boxer, European triple champion. The trainer made sure that the boy would reach more success in Yerevan, but today the boy even doesn’t go in for trainings, “The child works and misses trainings.”

The family doesn’t have demands. They want only that the state supports them to get a house by loan.

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