The EU didn’t foresee such scenario in Ukraine

Give that question to Armenian Government, they have announced that they don’t find further cooperation relevant,- it is the answer of European Commission Representation head in Estonia Hannes Room to Armenian journalist’s question, who tried to know when there would be new project of activities of the EU with Armenia.

Mr. Room doesn’t accept, that the fact that recently the EU has signed only the political part of the Association agreement with Ukraine, was double standard display.

Armenia also refused signing because of economic component,- continue the journalists of Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership and Armenian journalist in Tallinn, who had arrived by a joint program of the EU center in Yerevan, wanting to know why that exception wasn’t done in our case.

According to Mr. Room, comparisons shouldn’t be done: Ukraine hasn’t rejected the whole Association agreement, it is the matter of months, but new cooperation with Armenia must be started from the beginning.

Why the EU signed agreement with the EU just now, whether it is for restraining Russian policy, to “A1+” question he answered, that the EU found that they must support their partner. According to him it isn’t a step against Russia, as the EU doesn’t express aggressive policy.”

Turning to the events in Crimea, the representative noted, “It wasn’t free referendum. It doesn’t correspond to the international standards. I think that the EU won’t adopt the result.

What will be with Crimea after 5 years, he can’t say. “If we were said three months earlier, that we would lose Ukraine (he is about the fact that at the end of November in Vilnius Yanukovich refused signing the agreement-edt.) no one would think about it,”- explains Mr. Room. But one thing is clear, Ukraine has much to do for becoming European country, and it is not the matter of two or five years. It will take much more time.