Indifference of Armenian authorities causes resentment, says Hayazn Party

The escalating armed tensions in Syria continue to ravage the country, causing great losses and tormenting peaceful civilians. Great is also the loss of the Armenian community in the result of the Kessab seizure, the Hayazn Party said in a statement.

“Under the guise of rebels, armed terrorist groups invaded the territory of Kessab from Turkey with the military support of Ankara. This is an explicit expression of anti-Armenian hostility. Against the background of the Syrian events, the absolute indifference of Armenian authorities causes resentment. So far, they have not issued any statement condemning the attacks on our compatriots.

Over the years, against the background of threatening events, we have heard numerous statements about the need a program that will protect Armenians in the Middle East, promote their resettlement in Armenia and integration into the society. However, these are only empty talks, and most of the refugees who arrive in Armenia cannot live here because of the complete indifference of the Armenian authorities.

Only the government and army can ensure the security and development of all Armenians.  The acting regime that knowingly disregards this obligation of the state cannot and must not rule the country and is to be unseated at once,” reads the statement.