What prevents them from paying salaries of Nairit employees?

Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan said in late February that Rosneft (Russia) was ready to invest in the construction of a new factory at Nairi for $500 million. He said the sides are working on technical details of the investment projects, place for construction of a new tire factory, its links with Nairit, necessary legislative procedures and benefits. Talking to reporters in Yerevan, Tigran Sargsyan said the Armenian government is discussing the necessary conditions for the investment program to be put into practice.

“Kamq” civil movement made inquiries from the Russian side and Rosneft Company confirmed that they want to make investments in Armenia and are waiting for the results of the audit,” Artashes Avetisyan, founding head of the civil movement told A1+.

“If the sides have reached an agreement and everything is as good as they present, why don’t they pay the salaries of Nairit employees? “At least they can fix a schedule for paying off the wages,” he said.