The meeting ended (video)

The participants of “I am against” initiative’s meeting came back to the Liberty Square after the march. Actor Ashot Adamyan made a speech. “We together with you must decide what is helpful for us, what is not,”- he said.

Adamyan mentioned, that he is not an economist, but he understands that it isn’t allowed to give debt for 40 years. “Either donkey will die, or the owner of the donkey. So you are right. We are against,”- he announced.

The actor noted that the money, which must be added to citizen’s amount, is again from a citizen’s pocket.

Ashot Adamyan defined pension reforms as robbery, also APPN and red lines as Armenia is not the Netherlands. May be those projects will work in the Netherlands but not in Armenia, as the system doesn’t have abilities.

Ashot Adamyan stressed the importance of turning the words of “I am against” into action. “If there is no work, I ignore the words,”- he said.

“I am against” initiative’s member Hayk Avetisyan ended the meeting.

“Despite of the mistakes done or future mistakes, we won’t surrender. Everything has its limit. All limits are passed in our country. We can’t stand any more. The struggle will continue,”- announced Hayk Avetisyan.

He reminded, that they all demand from the CC to annul well known anti-constitutional bill.

According to Avetisyan, there are many working groups, which though don’t gather in some headquarters and discuss the issue of pension reforms, but they discuss by phone or in other places.

“This process, like volcanic lava eruption process, is approaching to its end and won’t stop. We are united and are ready to fight, and the struggle won’t fade,”- announced Hayk Avetisyan.

The people gathered began to cry – “No to the mandatory.”

Then they switch on music. The member of “I am against” initiative suggested having fun but remember that the work is still unfinished.