N. Pashinyan: I will do everything possible (video)

“80 percent of the population is against the mandatory component in pension reforms, but the authorities will enter the component,”- Nikol Pashinyan reminded this announcement of Serzh Sargsyan at EVU conference in his speech now on the Liberty Square. He made his speech not as a HAK deputy but as a citizen of the RA.

“80 percents of the citizens, according to the Constitution, is the only power of our country. 80 percent of the public is people of Armenia, the bearer of the statehood,”- announced Nikol Pashinyan.

He asked, who are those, who know that 80 percent of the people are against this or that initiative and dare to announce that they would realize it anyway.

“This all story over the pension reforms proves the illness, which is killing our state and government,”- said Pashinyan.

He noted that 20 percent of “elite” in Armenia forces its will to the 80 percent of the people.

According to Pashinyan, “I am against” movement struggles for 80 percent of population, that is for public rule.

“There is no doubt that the struggle will certainly be a success,”- he announced by adding, if when and under what circumstances, time will show.

“I will do my best for the victory of this movement,”- summed up his speech Nikol Pashinyan.