“I am against” paid tribute to the memory of Ara Shiraz (video)

“The power in the RA belongs to the people,”- the member of “I am against” initiative opened the meeting with this speech from the RA Constitution 2nd article. Then there was the anthem of Armenia.

Then the member of “I am against” initiative Hayk Avetisyan read the announcement of “Armenian Renaissance” movement on Armenian Diaspora. The movement’s branches in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic, the USA, Canada, Lebanon and Russia give their support to “I am against” initiative. The movement of Armenian Diaspora considers that mandatory funds will worsen the conditions of people.

“Armenian Renaissance” calls people to support “I am against” initiative, and calls Armenian authorities to wake up and take into consideration fair demands of Armenian youth.

Then the people gathered paid tribute to the memory of great sculptor Ara Shiraz.

After the meeting, there will be a march by this route: Liberty Square- Mashtots Avenue- Sayat-Nova Avenue- Abovyan Street- the Republic Square- Amiryan Street- Mashtots Avenue- Liberty Square. After the march, the participants will sum up what they have done and must do on the Liberty Square.