Serzh Sargsyan: We are more secure now than we were five years ago (video)

Serzh Sargsyan today visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia. He toured the MFA building and held a consultation with the senior officials of the Ministry.

The Foreign Minister, Deputy FMs and the MFA Secretary General presented reports on the situation in their agencies. Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian presented the Ministry’s activities since 2008, and its actions towards the fulfillment of the tasks that are set before the Ministry.

Serzh Sargsyan posed questions to the reporters, presented his comments and observations and gave relevant instructions. He then spoke about the Ministry’s priorities and course of actions and answered the questions of participants referring the country’s foreign policy and security, economy, regional issues and the situation in Crimea.

When asked about Armenia’s foreign policy, the country’s leader highlighted the results of the implemented work.

“The question is whether we have been able to increase our security guarantee in a year or not. Each of us, as a government official, has duties of his own. My duty is to ensure the country’s territorial integrity and security, so I am responsible for it. Everything has to be evaluated based on the results. I find that with the level of our international relations, our involvement and the type and quality of partners, we are more secure now than we were five years ago. Never has our army been so well-equipped and efficient as it is today. Never before has there been such unanimity over Karabakh. We have one character, one very important feature; we never try to cheat or mislead anyone; we say, this is our interest, so we are ready or not ready to do this here and now,” said Serzh Sargsyan.

At the end of the consultation, a group of MFA representatives were encouraged for their conscientious and productive work and awarded with the certificates of appreciation.