Shant Harutyunyan waits for completion of investigation

Chairman of the Tsekhakron Party, Shant Harutyunyan, is in good health condition, Harutyunyan’s ex-wife Ruzan Badalyan told A1+.

They are waiting for the decision of the investigative body which is to confirm the charges against Harutyunyan.

The activist was detained on November 5 in the wake of clashes with the police during an anti-government protest. He faces charges over using violence against a representative of the authorities (Article 316.2 of the Criminal Code of Armenia).

Harutyunyan’s condition deteriorated in prison on the 16th day of his hunger-strike. On January 9, he was taken to the Hospital for Convicts. He has been in Vardashen penitentiary since February 27.