Psychologist: Authorities feared repetition of Ukraine Maidan

It is illegal when you make your employees to make mandatory contributions on a monthly basis, says psychologist Samvel Khudoyan.

The psychologist is uncertain whether the introduction of the mandatory funded pension system is justified from the economic or legal aspects.

Speaking about the initiative of Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan who invited pension system opponents to dialogue on Wednesday, Mr Khudoyan said, “They demonstrated a will to listen to people and did not mean to say that they are almighty. It means they are ready to negotiate.”

On the other hand, the authorities feared the repetition of the Ukraine Maidan in Armenia.  “Other factors may have influenced the process; anyway, people should take advantage of this opportunity.”

In reply to Premier’s invitation, I Am Against t civil movement said they will accept the proposal to start a dialogue of the word ‘mandatory’ is removed from the draft law.

“While we welcome the prime minister’s invitation, we say that our struggle will continue until the compulsory component of the law is changed,” the group said in a statement released later on Wednesday.

Under the new law which entered into force on January 1 all employed citizens under 40 shall allocate 5% of their monthly salaries to cumulative accounts, with the government to add another 5%.