Raffi Hovannisian: We are not going to give the name of premier

The change of the country’s premier will not lead to the change of situation; the art of parliamentary activity is to reach a compromise, Heritage Party leader Raffi Hovannisian told a press conference on March 21.

“The primary goal of the four opposition parties is to impeach the government. Yet, it does not mean that we are leaving the format, we simply do not give the name of the prime minister,” he said.

“The leaders of the four political parties have not met so far. The meeting is necessary to overcome certain differences,” Hovannisian said.

The leader of the Heritage party says all those who believe that the 2013 presidential elections were rigged should accept the need for ​​power change from the highest echelons, starting from Serzh Sargsyan.

“I am in favour of rapid changes but I welcome the parliamentary cooperation between the four parties and will continue it in the future,” he continued.

Raffi Hovannisian says his frequent visits to regions show that people long for changes. “I believe that April will draw us closer to our goals, but if we do not act, it will be difficult for us to activate political struggle. We cannot simply sit in our offices and one another. I do not want rating or power; I want to see a change of power in Armenia.”

During the press conference, Mr Hovannisian also turned to U.S. Ambassador to Armenia John Heffern. “Let my good friend, John Heffern, not be angered by Armenian authorities’ decision to join the Customs Union; he [Heffern] endorsed the results of the rigged elections in Armenia.”