‘Without Gagik Tsarukyan BHK will be nothing’ (video)

Karen Kocharyan, an expert in political technologies, advises waiting till April 28 – the day when the four non-coalition political forces are expected to submit a motion of no confidence against the Government. However, he cannot say clearly what changes the four opposition forces can introduce in the country.

“Though their claims are well grounded and objective and reflect the demands of the discontent people, I cannot understand yet their steps. The Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) holds the majority in parliament and their rhetoric indicates that they are not ready for a compromise deal. Even if the government is disbanded, the new cabinet will again be composed of Republicans,” Mr Kocharyan told a news conference on March 21.

The expert considers the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun to be the only serious party that is capable of working in all conditions. As for the Armenian National Congress (HAK), Mr Kocharyan says it will stop its existence the day its leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan decides to quit politics. “The same will happen to Gagik Tsarukyan’s Prosperous Armenia Party if Tsarukyan decides to do only business.”