RA foreign policy fell 15 years behind: Wayne Marry (video)

Turkey’s role shouldn’t be underestimated especially in the South Caucasus. Thinks American Foreign Policy Council representative Wayne Marry, who today took part in “NATO’s Partnership in the South Caucasus, a strategic approach to regional security” international conference.

He didn’t refuse that Turkey is the partner of the USA in security sphere, “There is special interest in Turkey with other countries of the region, whereas RA foreign policy has fallen behind for 15 years. Turkey has dynamic development, and if you think that the conditions will get better for you, you are mistaken.”

The speech of US representative differed with its sharp, attacking tone, which was noticed by Armenian representatives.

Turkey’s Studies specialist Ruben Safrastyan considered unacceptable, that Turkey’s role is essential in the region, “How can not regional country have central role in the territorial processes, if it doesn’t have diplomatic relations with any country of the region, if it keeps its border closed more than twenty years and implements blockade program toward one of the regional countries.”

The comments of Political and Legal Analysis Center head David Shahnazaryan referred to signing Armenian-Turkish Protocols in Zurich in 2009. According to him, the first negative result after signing was Russia’s role and influence increase. Besides “Zurich protocols had very negative influence on Minsk Group negotiation process.”

Mr. Shahbazyan considered unacceptable RA Foreign Affairs Ministry’s representative Samvel Mkrtchyan’s words, that in Armenian-Turkish relations the policy of first and second presidents of RA was the same, “Armenian Genocide International recognition issue wasn’t on the agenda of RA Foreign policy. After Robert Khocharyan came to the power, he brought forward the issue of recognition. It is wrong.”