Good tree species are on the edge of extinction (video)

Tree cuttings have decreased in Armenia during last years. Today at the meeting with the journalists informed RA AM “Hayantar” SNCO’s chief forester Ruben Petrosyan.

He noted that last year 928 tree cutting cases were recorded. In 2012 1320 cases were recorded.

According to AM “Hayantar” SNCO’s chief forester, though we have had pressures on our forests for years, Armenian forests, compared with other countries, are in better condition.

According to his words, we have more global problems than tree cutting- tree species’ change, decrease in number. During recent years good tree species are on the edge of extinction, “There are four major types of trees in our forests- beech, oak, pine, hornbeam, during recent years, beech yields its place to hornbeam, oak to hornbeam and pine,”- said Ruben Petrosyan and added that they carry out works so that the new selected trees are planted in the place of cut trees.

Petrosyan added that new order of forest restoration was set. Besides projects together with international organizations are carried out, so that the forests can wholly be developed.

Ruben Petrosyan stressed that the most forest fires were in 2010. And fires also cause a risk of desertification.

By the way, March 21 is the International Forest Day.