What does a person need to be happy? (video)

By happiness rating Armenia is on the 80th place from 190 countries. Sociologist Aharon Adibekyan said it today in the conversation with journalists. According to him, based on their polls- only 10 people from 65000 noted that they feel completely happy.

“The happiest are the residents of Caribbean islands, their requirements are low and the level of their satisfaction is high,”- said Adibekyan.

Unlike other countries, happiness has taste and odor among us, as we are conservative nation.

According to the sociologist, they aren’t set standards for happiness, happiness is individual for everybody. Happiness standards are different among women and men. The peak of woman’s happiness is becoming a mother. According to Aharon Adibekyan, the reason of divorces in our country is that the woman can’t make a man so happy as man wants and vice versa.

According to the sociologist, there isn’t general formula for happiness.

But according to Aharon Adibekyan, a man needs to have better living conditions, full stomach, warm house and educated children in order to feel happy.

We note, that from 2012 according to UNO decision March 20 is celebrated as international day of Happiness. It is interesting that UNO got a call for setting Happiness Day by a small country called Bhutan. According to some information, the residents of the Kingdom of Bhutan are the happiest people in the world.