“Crimean crisis was induced by the EU” (video)

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision on Crimean Referendum and union with Russia was somewhat adventurous. Announced RF Oriental Institute representative Alexander Skakov today at the discussion in Yerevan.

He tried to explain why. According to him, it is explained by the politics of the West against Russia, “Crimean Crisis was induced by the EU, that was its project, and not Yanukovich’s corrupted regime was the reason. I think it was a special intended plan against RF to increase the influence of the West, to separate Russia from its close countries. While implementing this idea, the interests of Russia weren’t taken into consideration, this goal wasn’t agreed and discussed with RF, it was “or-or” policy, it wasn’t united intention of the East and the West and so we have these results.”

Mr. Skakov noted, that today they see positive suggestions, steps and ideas by the EU toward Crimean new government, “But why is it done right now, not earlier? If it was done 2-3 months earlier the results would be other, the process might be in other way, now the train had already passed.”

He considers EU policy against Russia unacceptable. According to Russian speaker, the intention of that policy is to push Russia to the corners of EU history, “The vivid evident of it is EU visa regime facilitation, which our EU partners evidently delay in order that it becomes unaccomplished. Whereas it must be the opposite, Europe must be more open for Russia so that EU integration was easier. Instead of it now we are speaking about sanctions and pressures against Russia, as a result of which anti-West attitudes will start increasing. What will we get as a result- great Korea in the edge of Europe. Is it among the interests of Europe?, I think not.”