All kind of works were stopped in Ohanavan (video)

Taking into consideration the concerns of Karby and Ohanavan village residents on water line reconstruction and renewable energy development project implementation in the future as a result of public hearings, we remind that the company made a decision to stop all the construction works in Ohanavan community. Our work has become a subject for unnecessary and unjustified speculations. We inform that in this case villager’s interest is primary for us, ensuring smooth irrigation and the development of those communities, where “GAHA Energy” will carry out activities.

Time will show that hardworking villager can’t be cheated. That very villager will be the beneficiary and protector of this project. We believe in honesty of this project goals. “GAHA Energy” is ready to discuss it with any concerned side.

“GAHA Energy” company soon will provide the contact information of the representatives, who are ready to answer all your questions.

About complaints and concern of Ohanavan residents in the video