Polish Council of Armenian Organizations formed

Recently regular meeting of Armenian Organizations in Poland held in Warsaw, the directors of 8 Armenian organizations in Poland and Armenian Holy Apostolic Church- Polish Armenians religious pastor T. Tachat Abegha Tsaturyan took part in it.

Various issues of Polish Armenian community were discussed during the meeting. Then at the end of the meeting Polish Council of Armenian Organizations was formed, Armenian national minority representative’s candidate in Poland Hrachya Boyajyan was elected the president of the council, Machiey Bohoshievich, Babken Khanzadyan, Katazhina Hovsepyan and Adam Terletskin were elected members of governing body.

The council reaffirmed its project to continue its work with more effort and devotion for strengthening of Armenian community in Poland, for protection and spreading of Armenian culture, language and traditions.

Polish Council of Armenian Organizations