“The festive concert held in Karabakh was a real circus”

The festive concert held in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic on March 18 in connection with the Crimea referendum, was nothing but a ‘disgraceful circus,’ says Ruben Mehrabyan, an expert of the Centre for Center for Political and International Studies.

He says the festivity was a great mistake as Karabakh conflict should in no way be compared with the Crimea dispute. Today, different circles have begun talking about Karabakh’s joining Russia.

“Sorry, but go and explain to all participants of the Karabakh war that they shed blood for the sake of Russia and went to Yerablur again for Russia,” Mr. Mehrabyan said blaming the farce on the Russian propaganda.

Ruben Mehrabyan says the Karabakh movement aims to preserve the Armenian nation and restore justice.

“To compare the Karabakh war which was won at the expense of thousands of lives with the international hooliganism orchestrated by Putin’s criminal regime is really offensive,” he said.