Synthetic marijuana is not banned in Armenia although it is linked to psychosis, brain, and kidney damage (video)

Synthetic marijuana, widely known by the name K2 or Spice, affects the mental state of a person, causing a sudden psychotic break and ruining the entire immune system. However, its use is not banned in Armenia.

Overdose of synthetic marijuana can be fatal for a human being, even a small amount can cause panic, fear of death, accelerate heart rhythms, ‘ringing’ in the ears, visual illusions which, in many cases, can lead to suicide or self-harm.

Narcologist Petros Semirjyan Spice can have a stronger impact on human psyche than cannabis or marijuana, with the consequences being observed within several days.

“It also harms other organs affecting a person’s mental state and causing different changes, even mental disorders,” he said.

“People develop an addiction to synthetic marijuana after using it for a week,” he added.