Larissa Alaverdyan: I cannot interpret Zhirinovsky’s thoughts (video)

States usually acquire sovereignty amid turmoil and tense geopolitical situation, says Larissa Alaverdyan, Armenia’s first Human Rights Defender (Ombudsperson).

Talking to reporters on March 19, Ms. Alaverdyan spoke about the referendum in Crimea, comparing the situation in Karabakh and Crimea.

She says Crimea has always been a part of Russia where Russian customs and rules were observed. Even during the Soviet era Crimea was not perceived as part of Ukraine, therefore ‘the 96.77% of votes cast during the Sunday referendum in favour of joining Russia are logical.’

She says there is no point in drawing parallels between Crimea and Artsakh as the latter is already a self-proclaimed and established state.

With regard to the statement of outspoken Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky who said Armenia and Azerbaijan will not come to an agreement on the Karabakh issue, hence Artsakh should join Russia, Larissa Alaverdyan refrained from commenting.  “I cannot interpret Zhirinovsky’s thoughts.”