Burnt old man’s letter: “I can’t stand loneliness any more”

On March 18 at 07:03 a call was received in Syunik region rescue department, that in front of Syunik region Kapan City Minas Papyan Street Number 8 building a citizen was burning.

A rescue group went on the scene.

They discovered the burnt body of Ilya Barseghyan, born in 1936, who lived on Minas Papyan Street number 6 building. Criminal Case was initiated. According to the Police, the burning was with petrol.

The neighbors refused giving interview, but said that the 78-years-old man lived alone. His wife died a year ago. His two sons live in Russia but they always take care of their father, notes neighbor Marine Harutyunyan.

According to her- “all loved and respected the old man, he always visited and helped her. He had no serious illness, only was complaining of heart recently. I can’t say much about the happened, added the neighbor,- I only know that he left documents and a letter. It has such plot: “I thank all of you, I am sorry, I can’t stand loneliness any more.”