“Geopolitical trap”: T. Hayrapetyan is alive with his heritage

15 years after Tigran Hayrapetyan death, his political heritage is still actual. On March 2014 is the 50th anniversary of politician and public speaker Tigran Hayrapetyan’s birthday and 15 years from his death. Politician David Shahnazaryan considers him the founder of Armenian actual political mind, “The influence which he has today is more than when he was alive, I am sure that he is alive with his political heritage. Today we have political system which doesn’t correspond to interests of Armenia and Tigran’s necessity will be much desirable and important in the present,”- said the politician.

Today was Tigran’s Remembrance tribute as well as the presentation of his third collection of works named “Geopolitical trap”. According to the Heritage leader Raffi Hovhannisyan he wrote about future, “From free word, free methodology he crystallizes the strongest national suggestion, and he destroys the national legend and makes it simple and human.”

Tigran Hayrapetyan was the best political mind of the third republic of Armenia. According to the “Tigran Hayrapetyan” creative mind protection fond council member Arthur Avtandilyan, today Armenian social-political mind declines. We have lack of such fundamental figures as Tigran Hayrapetyan, “Many people whom I know and who consider themselves public speakers, are not able to stand above situation, can’t be above narrow party and group interests, which turns public speaking into propaganda. Tigran succeeded not to have the influence of all these.”

Tigran Hayrapetyan studied in YSU Faculty of Oriental Studies in Arabic Department, retrained in Tunisia. He was independent expert of National Safety Council, founder of Political and international studies center, editor of several political magazines, author of about 400 publications.