Sculptor’s dream: take Rokveler out from the grave and hang (video)

Sculptor Ferdinand Arakelyan thinks that Russians acted in the right way on Crimean Issue, “Yes, Russians were right to take Crimea. It’s their nation. So why do we take Kharabagh?”

Theatre critic Ruben Babayan asks not to do comparisons, we took Kharabagh with blood, Russians only performed the anti-Ukrainian tendencies of Crimean people, “For us supporting Karabagh wasn’t punishing Azerbaijani, but helping our brothers.”

The fears of singer Artashes Bayatyan are geopolitical and cautiously pro – Russian, “If it gives Crimea, Turkey will become the strongest state in the Black Sea, it is nonsense, for us also.”

Sculptor Ferdinand Arakelyan in all these sees the role of the USA, they want once more to make the world how they want, “I dream of the day when Rokveler’s body is taken out from the grave and spat.”

Ruben Babayan doesn’t agree, what holiness to do here?, it is political bargain. Artavazd Bayatyan will confirm it, “The power of Anglo-Saxons is great in this world, they order.”

Ferdinand Arakelyan doesn’t yield, Americans are to blame. Sculptor has fear that Ukrainian revolution can reach Armenia, “Because here are moods, why don’t we rise like them?”

Today the intellectuals summed up the dispute remaining on their stable position over Crimean issue:

“I welcome the act of Russians, they have taken Crimea and that is right,”- announced Ferdinand Arakelyan.

“I don’t welcome the act of Russians, they did bad,”- says Ruben Babayan, – I welcome what we did.”