Armen Ashotyan about dean’s resignation: Aravot

Today Education and Science Minister Armen Ashotyan turned to Polytechnic University dean Ara Avetisyan’s resignation.

To the question, what was the reason for resignation, Mr. Ashotyan answered, “There are different problems in different universities. We don’t look for any sensation in this fact. Former dean, likely, decided to create new opportunities for university’s development in the conditions of pluralism- to turn those wishes into work. Former dean remains in the system of education and science, he is a member of National Academy of Science, he is a lecturer at Yerevan State University.”

The minister also turned to studies in ASEU. “There is no institution or department, where there are no problems during the studies. Those studies will let each university in this case Polytechnic, to know its weak sides and to fix them, to have more efficient management and development prospects in the future. I can say that the university is financially stable and there is no concern for the staff or the students.”

The Minister also didn’t exclude the reunion of Polytechnic and the YSUAC, “I think in the near future we will take action in this direction.”