Small HPPs are attractive business but also disaster (video)

Until 2035 water use volumes in the world will increase by 50 percent. The data is presented by “National Water Cooperation” NGO head Arevik Hovsepyan. According to her, HPPs built in Armenia will take one part of water supplies, “HPPs use one part of water, but they are disaster from the ecological point of view for the environment.”

The head of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Development Department Hrach Tsughunyan said that small HPPs are very attractive for business, “If there is permission to build HPP, Public Administration Committee is not authorized not to allow HPP’s construction,”- he stressed.

Arevik Hovsepyan says that water supplies in the world neither increase nor decrease, only people spoil water supplies while using them, “We spoil the water we have, that’s why we can’t use it, so quality water amount decreases,”- adds “National Water Cooperation” NGO head.

She notes that if there were water cleaning stations, there won’t be lack of clean water in our country, “We don’t have water cleaning stations, only in the Sevan and one non traditional in Parakar, which is few for our country,”- notes Arevik Hovsepyan.

According to her, there isn’t irrigation water fitting the standards in our country, “Irrigation water is low quality, filled with domestic, industrial and agricultural wastewater.”

We note that March 22 was set Universal Water Day in 1993 by the General Assembly of the UNO. And on the day “Let’s be careful Armenia- Universal Water day” project head Tatevik Simonyan informs that on that day they drew public attention on the sustainable management of water resources and water issues.