Who wants to build fish farm in the Sevan? Pastinfo

In coming 5 years some areas of Lake Sevan will turn into fishing farm. For that, net-cage farms will be built in the area of the lake. In other words, fish will be grown in the lake.

This project has already been approved by the Government, even the minister of environment protection praised it. More the Government gave 8.4 millions AMD from the state budget to “Grand Toronton” company for independent economic examination. And the examination already approves the initiative of industrial enterprises foundation.

But Armenia ecological community is against the project implementation. The representatives and specialists of NGOs are sure that this project is simply sentence for the Sevan.

To the question of “Pastinfo”, who stands behind the project, “Eco news” NGO head Inga Zarafyan answered:

“The answer is very simple, they take a company- “Armenian harvest promotion center” company, which must implement this project. Now they say that the Government must also take part in this project in order that it partially becomes state project.”

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