Failed robbery of sheep

Recently Haykaz I. born in 1944 applied to Ashtarak Police Department and informed that Vitaly A., born in 1968 broke his cattle’s door lock in Voskevaz village, entered and robbed three sheep and tried to put them in the “VAZ 2106” car of Garegin S. born in 1974, but his son Hovhannes I., born in 1974, didn’t let it.

On March 16 at 00:15, Vitaly A. and Garegin S. were arrested.

To decide if Vitaly A. was drunk, he was moved to hospital where he said that while robbing, Hovhannes I. Haykaz I. and Meruzhan M. born in 1983 beat him causing injuries.

Vitaly A. was given a forensic doctor referral.

Investigation is underway.