Was referendum in Crimea annexation by Russia? (video)

Crimean referendum for independence was annexation by Russia, or was realization of the right of self-determination?

“We will consider self-determination real, if before that the “independence” referendum wasn’t forced,”- in the conversation with “A1+” noted Heritage party deputy president Armen Martirosyan.

The events in Crimea are results of the clash of interests of two world political centers- Russia and the USA, thinks Heritage party deputy president Armen Martirosyan also noting, that the role of Ukrainians was big in that issue, “Without the willingness of the country’s population, no artificial process can’t be succeeded. Russia itself signed international obligation with the USA and the UK in 1994, by which it must be the guarantor of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and today, alas, it separated Crimea from Ukraine.”

According to the deputy president, for the events in Crimea the West can have only economical pressure on Russia.

Details in the video