Police representative sues Vardges Gaspari (video)

Aida Demirkhanyan, a representative of the Police Nor Nork Department, demands that civil activist pay one million drams for insulting her dignity.

“I called them villains, scoundrels, criminals, and said that a number of police officers, including the Chief of Armenian Police Vladimir Gasparyan, are more sordid and infamous than the prostitutes working near Yerevanyan Lich. They sell their bodies, while the police play with destinies of people,” Mr. Gaspari announced at the Administrative Court.

The Court today continued the hearing in the case against Gaspari who is accused of disobeying police order during the protests against MP Ruben Hayrapetyan over the deadly beating of military doctor vahe Avetyan in the Harsnakar restaurant owned by the Hayrapetyan family.

At the request of the plaintiff, the court sitting was not recorded. Aida Demirkhanyan announced that she had not gone to court as a woman, an insulted mother, and not as a police officer.