Armenia should follow the lead of Switzerland (video)

On March 22, Russia and Ukraine will de jure and de facto start a war, political analyst Andrias Ghukasyan told a press conference in Yerevan on March 18. Escalation of the situation in Crimea can be fatal for Armenia.

“If a war breaks out, which is a certainty, it will also affect Armenia. We all know that in such cases small countries become a stage of events,” he said.

Anush Sedrakyan, Deputy Head of Free Democrats Party, disagrees with Ghukasyan and excludes the possibility of a 3rd world war.

“This is another attempt to reshape the world. If Russia enters Crimea, the world will be quick in its response,” she said.

Speaking about the political situation in Armenia, Anush Sedrakyan said she is in favour of power change but she doubts that the four non-coalition forces will be able to do it as they do not have definite programs and demands.

“If they are negotiating and speaking in the name of people, why should they conceal their agenda? I want to know what they are changing to change and how…” she said.

Andreas Ghukasyan adds that Armenia should follow the lead of Switzerland and demonstrate neutrality in the region.