NA Ad Hoc Committee on Ethics to consider Nikol Pashinyan’s request (video)

Two applications are under consideration, with the study of the third one being delayed for 20 days. The decision was taken by the newly formed NA Ad Hoc Committee on Ethics.

One of the applications refers to Yezidis NGOs who asked the Committee to examine the behaviour of Republican MP Manvel Badeyan who had insulted the Yezidi community.

The second refers to Nikol Pashinyan, a senior representative of the opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK) who has applied to the Committee with a request to head the editorial board of Haykakan Zhamanak daily.

In the third one, a group of journalists requested the Committee to make Republican MP Arakel Movsisyan liable for his ill-behaviour. During a discussion on gas tariffs, the MP had insulted a group of journalists demonstrating in parliament.

Three members of the Committee were present at today’s sitting.