Crimea referendum can become precedent for Karabakh

The Crimea referendum actually announced the beginning of the Ukraine split which was predicted after the power change in Ukraine, political analyst Aram Manukyan.

“The West’s reaction to the referendum was normal. The point is not that the results conflict with international norms but it lies in the contradictions between the West and Russia. West rejects everything that is accepted by Russia,” he said.

The expert says the Ukraine crisis will not be limited to Crimea. The recent events show that the tension is escalating in southern regions which will surely affect eastern regions,” said Mr. Manukyan.

The political analyst says the referendum can serve as a precedent for the Karabakh conflict resolution. He believes the referendum may cause anxiety in Azerbaijan, as the Karabakh conflict can be resolved fairly.

“The referendum is a precedent that such conflicts are resolved based on the nations’ right to self-determination and cannot, but affect the process of resolving the Karabakh conflict,” he stressed.