Phone calls won’t remain without response?

In “Yerevan Jur” LLC 1-85 phone center technical works are tone. It was informed to “A1+” by “Yerevan Jur” company Legal and customer service director Artak Malkhasyan.

After that no phone call will remain unanswered and the residents won’t complain of bad service.

According to the director, Yerevan Jur doesn’t have lack of operators.

“If there are one-two accidents, phone calls are few. If accidents are many, the phone calls increase immediately and technically it is impossible to provide service, just it,”- said Mr. Malkhasyan.

Yerevan Jur company Legal and customer service director notes that the residents mainly complain of the fact that they want to get comments directly from the operator.

“But the resident can call and hear about his problem automatically. But generally residents don’t like that variant. And they continually call to get answer from the operator,”- he summed up.