Pre-parliament urges everyone to follow developments

It is not surprising that discussions over the Karabakh conflict have revived against the tense background of the Ukraine events. This is evident both on the level of the OSCE Minsk Group format and in the announcements of different political circles, Pre-parliament Civil Initiative said in a statement.

“We shall still have a chance to hear more pro-Armenian opinions. It is noteworthy that the Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky said on the occasion, “In order to solve the Karabakh issue, the latter should be ceded to Russia.”

In this connection, we commend the statement of Davit Babayan, Spokesman for the NKR President, who said [on behalf of the Artsakh leadership] that the Karabakh people have already expressed their collective will through two referendums and are determined to build an independent democratic state, seeing their future with the Republic of Armenia. It is important to emphasis the provision of the international law that no state has the right to decide the fate of another state. Irrespective of our disapproval of a separate Artsakh country, we welcome this position.

Given the instability on the international arena, we urge all concerned citizens and political forces in Artsakh, Armenia and Diaspora to closely follow developments and be ready to respond to challenges quickly and adequately.