Brucellosis tests in regions

There isn’t brucellosis epidemic in the republic. This was informed by Food Safety State Service Veterinary Department head Hovhannes Mkrtchyan in the conversation with “A1+”.

According to him, 38 head cattle with brucellosis in Kotayk region Dzoraghbyur village is not a reason to say that there is brucellosis epidemic, “There is no need for panic, as there is no epidemic,”- notes the specialist.

Hovhannes Mkrtchyan assures that there aren’t other animals with brucellosis in regions, “There aren’t animals with brucellosis in other regions as tests are on the process, blood samples are subjected to laboratory analysis,”- he said.

In Dzoraghbyur the case was recorded, as the tests have been done in Kotayk region earlier than in other regions, “Illness case in the region was still in autumn, so we started checks earlier and as a result brucellosis was again recorded,”- informed Mkrtchyan.