Call not to pay gas prices (video)

To prove low caloric intake of gas in Armenia, National liberation movement conducted a test. As a result, half liters of water on gas reached from 13 degrees to 90 degrees in 3 minutes 47 seconds in Georgia, and in Armenia the same process lasted about 6 minutes. The author of the test today in the conversation with the journalists assured that “Hayrusgasard” company caused the population about 68 millions AMD damage.

“I want to call the population not to pay gas prices of March, as we proved that you are cheated and you shouldn’t pay to the company, which cheats, thus I suggest a punishment,”- said Vahan Martirosyan.

He said that already 150 citizens joined this call and expressed hope that the number will increase in the future.

Opposing to “Hayrusgasard” company’s response that the test has no legal base and it is not seen clearly in the video that the room, where the test was done, is in Georgia, David Martirosyan noted, “I am ready to provide previous version of our video, where it is clear that we had the test in Georgia.”