Prisoner goes on hunger strike in “Nubarashen”

Sedrak Sargsyan imprisoned in Nubarashen for robbery declared hunger strike.

According to Sedrak Sargsyan, he is imprisoned illegally. He has been imprisoned for already 6 months.

In the conversation with us Sedrak Sargsyan informs that the witnesses give false evidence and some documents are falsified, “Evidence is changed, it is obvious, that we were arrested this day, there is evidence, and then the evidence is lost and then another day is written,”- he said and added, that their evidence was also removed from the documents.

Sedrak Sargsyan notes that the trial has been postponed without reasoning, “I have been imprisoned for six months and there is still no trial, the case does not go forward,”- he says.

Suspect’s son is under his care, who has health problems. Sedrak Sargsyan’s friend, who has been arrested with him, also goes on hunger strike. They demand that the case must be moved from Gegharkunik region Court to another.

JM PL Press and Public relations department head Gor Ghlechyan said in the conversation with “A1+”, that yesterday at 19:30 Sedrak Sargsyan declared hunger strike. According to him Sargsyan was moved to cell and now he is under doctors’ control.

Weather hunger strike would help Sedrak Sargsyan to make changes in his case, Ghlechyan answered, “Strike is extreme measure and this step should not be taken.”