By Prime Minister’s decision animals will be numbered

In the end of 2012 according to the RA Prime Minister’s decision cattle numbering, registration and passport application plan was implemented in Vayots Dzor region.

Within the frames of the project “ANI PAS” system was developed, which allows to enter and analyze animal and its health information and save them. The system use guide, information registration journals and joined manual were developed. The entire livestock of animals was registered in the “ANI PAS” system, 23 thousand 98 heads total.

By RA Agriculture Ministry’s decision, the RA Government decided to implement the project in the whole country. As a start it is intended to obtain animal ear-tag, pierce tool, passport, registration journals, data storage server, to hire regional veterinarians, sign working agreements and so on.

It is expected that the project will give opportunity to make animal’s move, illness control, epidemiological measures implementation more efficient, predictable and controllable.

RA Government